1. Back In 1951, This Is How Racy An Audition Looked In Bollywood!

Is it seamy or is it just that the director is being meticulous in choosing the perfect actress. Looks crazy though!

2. But Now, People Usually Think You Are More Crazy For Practicing Lines Wherever, Whenever


3. Toilet Becomes Your New Best Friend. It’s Not Only Where You Do Your Stuff But Also Motivate Yourself


4. During The Audition, You Feel You Might Just Have Bagged The Role With Your Over-The-Top Acting


5. And When You Don’t Even After Appearing For Thousands Of Auditions, You Feel


6. But Step Aside Here Comes The Real Baap Of Indian Audition

A frustrated struggling actor stops people on street and asks them to audition him for a Salman Khan movie, watch what happens next, it’s going to crack your stomach.

All hail the Audition Baap!