Lots of women seem to care far too much about their appearance today. But surely it’s more important to understand that they don’t need to achieve perfection, because beauty is always going to be relative. In fact, every woman in this world is beautiful in her own way. Many celebrities feel that wearing makeup is extremely important because they’re always in the public eye. But some of the stars out there are not afraid to show their natural beauty, giving their fans a chance to take a more intimate look into their daily lives.
We here at Bright Side are always inspired by those who try to help raise the self-esteem and self-perception of others, and can only wish them and all other women good luck in finding harmony in their lives.

Jennifer Lopez

Amanda Seyfried

Liv Tyler

Miley Cyrus

Tyra Banks

Katy Perry

Miranda Kerr

Olivia Wilde

Cameron Diaz

Megan Fox

Gwyneth Paltrow

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