The definition of good design is something that is not only a pleasure to the eye but also breaks all stereotypes, makes life easier, and perhaps even changes the world for the better
A scarf in the form of an animal biting its own tail

Newspapers that help grow plants over time

The bag that brings the world of Lego closer to reality

An umbrella for dogs

A pyramid fireplace

The greatest wineglass

Cosmic stickers for your keyboard

A miniature stove for your pizza

A pillow for all those who love having sweet dreams

Flip-flops that leave animal footprints

A vase shaped like a wave

"Natural" drapery for the home

Socks for those who love food

The phone case that prints photos in an instant

A night light in the form of a storm cloud

A shawl in the form of a butterfly’s wings

A bag for booklovers

Preview photo credit kiko-kids