We all have stuff that no longer serves any purpose around the house, but we still have trouble getting rid of it. Perhaps we hope that it may come in handy one day. Well, if you can’t let your things go or simply don’t want to, then why not reuse them for another purpose?

Old tennis rackets can be turned into super cute mirrors in no time at all.

The tutorial is here.

A recycled tuna can and a few clothes pegs make a beautiful flowerpot.

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These unique shelves are made out of recycled books.

What a great design! This blog post will tell you how these original shelves can be attached to the wall.

This cute and functional ottoman is made out of an old suitcase.

The way to turn an old and torn suitcase into a useful piece of furniture is described here.

Use an old tennis ball to make it into a funny all-purpose holder.

This video will help you.

A broken trampoline can be easily turned into a great hammock.

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An ordinary lightbulb and a piece of cardboard are all you need to create this awesome wall night-light.

Learn how to make this cute piece using this tutorial.

Here is a great idea to revive your old spoons.

Find the detailed instructions here.

Use two wooden chairs to create this original
French-style bench.

Here is a tutorial on how to make it.

Old cutlery can be repurposed into an exceptional bottle holder.

Here are some other ways to reuse kitchen utensils.

An old bed can transform your garden into a
magical place.

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Get creative with containers — plants can grow in things other than pots.

Here you can find other awesome ideas.

Give an old piano new life.

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One great way to use a wooden barrel in an interior.

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Turn a lightbulb into an adorable mini flower vase.

This video will help you.

This is why saving old bottles is a good idea.

The best wine bottle projects are gathered here.

Old forks can be turned into unusual photo stands.

This stunning decorative item will make a stylish addition to any home. The detailed tutorial is here.

Coffee cups and saucers transformed into a pendant chandelier will add charm to any interior.

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Take a vintage suitcase and turn it into a cozy bed for your pet.

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Preview photo credit seekatesewindeco.fi