Rafael Alvarez is a talented illustrator of Spanish descent. A master of arts with a specialism in "illustration as visual essay," he has an impressive ability to show painfully familiar situations from a completely different angle. Often, he does this in a way that can shock you.
Brave and challenging illustrations from this artist can be found in comics and even children’s books, and he’s also done work for Playboy Magazine, American Express, Paramount Pictures, and many others. His work is also appreciated by art experts, which is why Rafael has won prestigious artistic prizes on more than one occasion.
Fresh disinformation
Rafael considers the creation of "Hotel Pandemonium" to be his most important project. This is an interactive ebook application, half of which is made up of images developed for an iPad by experts at the Institute of Visual Arts.
Hotel Pandemonium
Academic degree
Mass media for all the family
A higher education
Meticulous work
Grasping one’s muse
The dance of death
Memoirs of a Geisha
Nocturnal witness
The high point of the party
Merry Christmas!
The best age to be
An unreliable parachute
Summer in the city
After the storm
The last battle
Preview photo credit Rafael Alvarez