Brigitte Bardot then and now

#23 Brigitte Bardot

Net worth: $45 million
Bridgitte Bardot was a French Sex Symbol in the 60s.
With her soulful eyes and that alluring gap in her teeth men drooled whenever they saw her on TV dressed in as few clothes as the culture of the time would allow.
Fast forward a few decades and you would never believe that its the same person.
She’s gained extra pounds, wrinkles and her choice not to have plastic surgery is evident.

Keith Richards then and now

#22 Keith Richards

Net worth: $340 million
Keith Richards rose to fame thanks to his skills as a musician and being a part of one of the greatest rock bands there ever was;
The Rolling Stones.
The rockstar life is known to be one the hardest ones out there and it takes its toll on the body.
He doesn’t look too bad now but the wrinkles have set in making it hard to believe that he was such heart-throb once upon a time.

Pamela Anderson then and now

#21 Pamela Anderson

Net worth: $5 million
Baywatch made Pamela Anderson the sexiest thing on television in the 90s.
That red swimsuit shot her to fame however over the following years the effects of stress and plastic surgeries gone wrong have ravaged her.

Ozzy Osbourne then and now

#20 Ozzy Osbourne

Net Worth: $220 million
Here we have another example of why the rock-star life can wreak havoc on your physical qualities and mental stability.
At the height of his career Ozzy had the stunning good looks to match his talent however decades of alcohol and out of control drug use have turned him into a troll one misstep from being admitted into a mental asylum.

Jack Nicholson then and now

#19 Jack Nicholson

Net worth: $400 million
Jack Nicholson always had that crazy look about him.
It made him captivating when he was at the height of his career but the receding hairline and wrinkles that are the unavoidable price to pay while aging means that now he looks scary more than anything else.

Val Kilmer then and now

#18 Val Kilmer

Net Worth: $25 million
Action-movies stars are made or broken by their good looks, unlike comedy stars who can skate by on a few punchlines.
Val Kilmer looked great in Top Gun and Tombstone but he’s gained quite a bit of weight since then.
His face looks pudgy now and nobody knows what is going on with his hair.

Mel Gibson then and now

#17 Mel Gibson

Net Worth: $425 million
There was a time when women the world over would have sold their husbands to slavery for a night with Mel Gibson.
He’s lucky to have managed to keep his hair but as his looks faded while he piled on the years he made the right decision to take his career to the other side of the cameras.

Goldie Hawn then and now

#16 Goldie Hawn

Net Worth: $60 million
Goldie’s innocent looks made her a silver-screen goddess.
The years have not been kind though as she is now riddled with age spots and has a bit of a tired look to her.
We applaud her for choosing not to have surgery but we’ll always miss the good looks of her youth.

Macaulay Culkin then and now

#15 Macaulay Culkin

Net Worth: $15 million
He was so adorable in the Home Alone movies.
Now in his thirties, he’s grown a rugged beard and become extremely thin.
When he checks in for auditions the casting people must look at him and think ‘He was such a cute kid. What happened?’

Chevy Chase then and now

#14 Chevy Chase

Net Worth: $50 million
Chevy Chase has enjoyed a successful life.
His career as a comedian actor made him a household name and although he was never the hottest star out there, the changes that the years have had on him are drastic.
His grey hair is balding and his yoyoing weight means he could have a double chin in one movie and it’s gone in the next.
He’s lucky that he can still make us laugh.

Janice Dickinson then and now

#13 Janice Dickinson

Net Worth: $500 thousand
Models never look better than they did while they were on the runway.
Janice Dickinson’s exotic looks drew us in and held us close but the success that she enjoyed led her to live a life of exuberance.
She tried to keep herself looking good with surgery but it left her face looking pulled tight and tired.

Bruce Jenner then and now woman

#12 Bruce Jenner

Net Worth: $100 Million
There needs to be an investigation into what the Kardashian women are doing to their men.
Bruce Jenner made for an attractive athlete when he was in his prime but he lost that charm when he entered his sixties.
Maybe he’ll look better as a 60 year old woman than as a sixty year old man.

Lindsay Lohan then and now

#11 Lindsay Lohan

Net Worth: $500 thousand
When child-stars grow up their careers tend to go in one of two extreme directions; they either do really well or succumb to the pressures of life as a star.
Lindsay Lohan is one of the latter.
She took on a life of substance abuse to handle the stress and has been arrested several times. Her lovely features have turned against her.
There is still hope for her and we wish her the best of luck.

Mickey Rourke then and now

#10 Mickey Rourke

Net Worth: $15 Million
Nobody expects boxers to age well.
You can only take so many punches in the face before your face decides to set into a permanent bruise.
A shame though, Mickey was quite the looker which is why he was able to make the transition to Hollywood however a hard life has taken a toll on his features.

Lil Kim then and now

#9 Lil Kim

Net worth: $18 million
Lil Kim was the baddest b*tch there ever was.
Unfortunately she suffered from a few self-esteem issues and decided to go under the knife to fix them.
The excessive plastic surgery turned her into something that we no longer recognize or turn heads for.
Courtney Love then and now

#8 Courtney Love

Net Worth: $150 million
Love’s punk rock and alternative look made us fall in love with her in 90s.
Kurt Cobain fell in love with her too and married her.
Unfortunately she has not taken much care of herself since her husband’s passing.
She’s looked so bad at times that people have thought that she’s terminally ill.

La Toya Jackson then and now

#7 LaToya Jackson

Net worth: $4 million
Attractive looks and a great singing voice are always good for a career in show-business.
The only problem is that your success in show-business is directly linked to how good you look and LaToya’s star faded at the same rate that her looks did right after she decided to have nose-job that many would argue that she didn’t really need which left her face looking unnatural.

Al Pacino then and now

#6 Al Pacino

Net worth: $135 million
Hard work will take its toll on you.
Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors of our generation.
He puts his heart and soul into every role that he plays and you can see it when you watch him on the screen but all of that dedication shows on him now.
He looks like he’s had the life sucked out of him and the ‘just-got-out-bed’ hairdo may have worked for him in his youth but now we just want to drag him to a hair stylist.

Prince William then and now

#5 Prince William

Net worth: $7.2 billion
Prince William was once considered to be the sexiest man alive thanks to the good genes that he got from his mother Princess Diana.
However, male pattern baldness has set in and taken away some of his charm.
He’s still got some good looks but the loss of hair has done its damage to his appeal.

Amanda Lepore plastic surgery

#4 Amanda Lepore

Net worth: $1.7 million
Amanda Lepore is a transgender model, recording artist and socialite who had a sex change at the age of 19.
This is how her repeated anti-aging attempts work.
Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery

#3 Jocelyn Wildenstein

Net worth: $500 million
This charming lady is known for extremely bad facial surgeries.
She also received one of the biggest divorce settlements in history.
Currently she has a net worth of $500 million dollars.

Donatella Versace before and now

#2 Donatella Versace

Net worth: $200 million
Through her closeness to her brother’s enterprises, Donatella entered and soon prove to be the PR giant within the Versace label.
Her popularity grew, and she is just as famous for her celebrity entourage throughout Europe and most of the United States.
Versace has given cameo performances in many films, such as ”Zoolander” and the ”The Devil Wears Prada”.
After Gianni’s death (he was murdered) Donatella’s daughter, Allegra, inherited 50% of Versace’s entire stock.
She may have an eye for fashion, and though has never answered any of the comments regarding her possible plastic surgery gone bad, the first thing one notices about Donatella is her overly plump over lip.
In addition, she transformed herself into a human waxwork with implants and laser resurfacing.

Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart before and now

#1 Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart

Net worth: $4.9 billion
As the only child of the 17th Duke of Alba, she was styled by her most senior title of Duchess of Alba, and the third woman to hold the title in her own right.
The duchess’s fortune included ancient palaces and huge tracts of land, paintings by old and modern masters, while her wealth was estimated up to $4.9 billion.
As a socialite, after becoming widow, the Duchess spent times with a variety of eligible matadors and flamenco dancers, and eventually married for a three times.
The Duchess of Alba before and after photos show that she had lip injections, facial fillers and facelift.
It’s a puzzle what was she even thinking before underwent all of this, but her plastic surgery shock has to go in the history books.