Every girl knows that color is no less of an important factor to consider when choosing clothes than the quality of the material they’re made from or their style. But there’s a small number of tones that you can be confident will look great regardless of style or occasion.


White almost appears to say, "My life is so good that I don’t ever need to use public transport, and the streets of my neighborhood are cleaned with soap."
  • White is the new black. You can, and should, dress in white from head to toe, adding accessories of a black or neutral color for contrast.
  • White combines well with tender blue and gray shades.
  • If you want to stand out from the crowd, be brave and put on a white coat. Add some sunglasses as a finishing touch, and with just this one accessory you’ll look like a real Hollywood superstar.
  • White shoes or a white bag are capable of transforming any ordinary outfit into something stylish, almost as though it was picked for you by a professional.


Red always was and remains the color that signifies luxury. It’s associated with brave women who can make heads turn.
  • When you put on something red, make sure that your skin, hair, and makeup all look perfect — anything else just won’t work!
  • Forget about combining red with black — it’s too dramatic. Instead of black, go for warm brown shades or a light beige color. The exceptions here are small black accessories and light black footwear.
  • Any red accessory can help add an element of status to your appearance.
  • Red outerwear should be relatively plain, without the gaudiness of too many smaller elements.
  • Combine red shoes with soft, light gray, cashmere items.
  • Wearing nothing but red can look very elegant. Even red lipstick to match your clothes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be overdoing it. Although adding one small element of white or light pink can give your appearance a more contemporary feel to it.

Dark blue

This is one of the most agreeable and all too often forgotten colors that’s capable of giving you an "expensive" appearance. Dark blue deserves a place here for its serene elegance and unsurpassable ability to combine beautifully with both red and white.
  • Sailor jackets made from thick woolen material combine well with slacks, jeans, or pencil skirts.
  • Apart from red and white, dark blue and navy shades combine perfectly with a warm brown overcoat or jacket.
  • Here’s an unusual approach: add something with an animal print to an otherwise strict set of clothes.
  • Wearing exclusively dark blue can help you look slimmer no less effectively than an all-black outfit. For variety, you can add a couple of red or white accessories.
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