This company decided to invite its own employees to the shoot for the new swimsuit advertisement instead of professional models.
By the way, Susan Gregg Koger, co-founder of ModCloth, took part in this unusual project herself. The photos look like pictures taken during an ordinary vacation. Women who participated in the photo shoot knew they would be seen without retouches. They wanted to show people that being what you really are and loving your body is perfectly okay.


An interesting project by lingerie company Lonely, New Zealand, has gained lots of positive reviews.
At first, the ads featured popular actresses of Some Girls TV show, but now the newsfeed of the company page is full of different women from all corners of the world — they’re slim, chubby, tattooed, with stretch marks, they pose at home and in the open... The single goal of the project is simple: make everyone believe that lingerie suits any woman.


This idea was created by Catalina Girald and Gina Rodriguez, the founders of the brand: women of different skin colors shot for their Nude for All photo project.
Ordinary women of various skin shades and shapes presented lingerie of seven colors in this bright marketing campaign. In addition, Naja often posts pictures of its customers on its webpage, and they’re perfectly charming.

American Apparel

This company is currently facing hard times, but their marketing campaign of 2014 was really memorable.
62-year-old Jacky O’Shaughnessy became the face of the brand at the time — the company’s agent spotted her at a cafĂ©. The slogan for the campaign was "Sexy has no expiration date."

Curvy Kate

A British plus-sized lingerie brand launched a project entitled TheNewSexy, featuring many different women.
Among the models were Gemma Flanagan in a wheelchair, Carla Atherton who underwent a preventive mastectomy, and 65-year-old Janet Rook. "We are sure that all women are divine. Curvy Kate lingerie is designed for clients of different shapes, views, ages, and abilities, and so are our models."


American lingerie brand Aerie was one of the first to discard retouched advertising photos.
The accent on natural beauty made them a strong rival even for such giants as Victoria’s Secret. Jennifer Foyle, the company’s CEO, says there’s no need to retouch that which is beautiful as it is: "Let women of different shapes decide what’s good for them and them alone!"
Preview photo credit curvykate ,