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2017: People are buying iPads for their cats...
2035: Apple launches face recognition for cats.
2074: Cats have 34 representatives in the State legislative.
2117: Humans are given citizenship in the The United Dominion of the Felinefolk.
2275: Cat overpopulation has led to steep decline in availability of resources, after human species goes extinct in 2200.
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Oliver is the most British cat I've ever met
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17. The god is displeased.
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The titel sound like a retarded clickbait article
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fuck i need a job
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5 cats? Yeesh...
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Cutie bastards !
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my cat is called Kitler too (BTW he is on his way to Poland)
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Number 6! The video is by Rob Dyke, I love his channel. If you’re into stories about serial killer etc I highly recommended you check out his channel! He used to feature artists’ drawings to illustrate the lives of serial killers and how they came to be. But he has featured actors in his latest videos
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Seriously Strange!
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My cat has laser eye beam!!
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i really wonder what was (or is?) going on with that lamp
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What you mean.... no catnip
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9. This’s not a yurt, this’s wigwam
Brilliant compilation! Thanks OP, I had a really good laugh :)
Nice, I always stuff cats up my anus
Clever cat, eggs were made to sit on.