The customer, James Conley III, had entered the store in Jordan Creek to buy some new clothes.
However, when he got to the checkout Conley was questioned about the blue padded jacket he was wearing. After advising the store staff that it was a Christmas present, Conley was then asked to hand the jacket over so that the staff could verify Conley’s story.
Quickly it became very clear to Conley that the store staff suspected him of having stolen the jacket. So he start filming the bizarre actions
“I was accused that I didn’t pay for my blue bubble jacket that I got for Christmas that I wore into the store.
As I was checking out to purchase some hoodies, I was asked if I wanted to also purchase the jacket that I was wearing. First, I started laughing because I didn't believe what I was hearing.
The store manager Beau Carter was very unprofessional and stereotyped me because I was a Black male.

Old Navy immediately released a statement about the situation