Chinese women are obsessed with a mobile game called Love and Producer.
The date simulator with the overwhelming majority being females in their early 20s. estimated to have spent at least 200 million yuan (around $32 million) in January to improve their odds of having a successful virtual relationship via in-game purchases.
In Love and Producer, you star as a female TV producer who must save your late father’s production company by reviving a hit show, while developing romantic relationships with four heartthrobs. They are:
  1. Li Zeyan, a young founder and CEO who’s tough on the outside but soft on the inside; Bai Qi,
  2. A special force police officer who always makes women feel protected;
  3. Xu Mo, a genius scientist with both ultra-high IQ and EQ
  4. Zhou Qiluo, a pop icon who’s sweet, gentle, and carefree. All four will fall in love with no one but you. What’s even better: You don’t have to choose between them.
Of course, it’s not all taking and no giving; you’ll need to spend some “purple diamonds” to go out on dates with your virtual boyfriends. And in order to keep your studio running, you have to keep producing high-quality shows using “bonding cards” of different rarities that increase your company’s key advantages like “decision-making” and “creativity.”
Both the diamonds and the cards are given as rewards when you accomplish a mission, but you can always get them much faster if you are willing to pay real money for them.
Along the way, they need to make choices, which will lead the story to different directions. Players will also receive phone calls from their boyfriends, but can only reply to them via text from a list of prepared responses.
Throughout the game, the four men will fall in love with the player. It’s up to the player to choose one or play around by dating them all.
Another element loved by fans is that all four male characters have their respective superpowers. For example, Li, the CEO, is able to freeze time, and Bai, the police officer, is able to control the wind and fly in it.
The idea is borrowed from popular Korean TV dramas like “My Love from the Star,” which tells the story of a starlet who falls in love with an alien.
For a sign of how crazy female gamers are over their imaginary boyfriends, fans of Li, the time-freezing CEO, recently bought a $39,000 ad on an LED banner on a Shenzhen skyscraper to wish him happy birthday. They even left a postscript to him on the screen: “Don’t be surprised, we bought it with your black card.”