Lithuanian photographer GiedrÄ— Gomes, currently based in Indiana, is good at capturing those raw parenting moments. With Father’s day coming soon, she decided to make a photo series honoring great dads. With the help of her husband, friends and neighbors, she was able to finish her project just in time for the special holiday.
"Last month I created a photo series for Mother's Day to show how my daily life looks, and that went viral," she told POPSUGAR. "A lot of people were complaining, saying, 'What about dads?' That's why I decided to do a similar shoot for Father's Day."
GiedrÄ— says she watches how her husband and her friends’ husbands interact with children:
“I catch myself comparing them with my own father. It’s funny how different they all are but at the end they love their children unconditionally.”
The photographer says she tried to show as many different types of dads as she could possibly think of and give a funny twist to it.
“Maybe you can relate to some of them too.”
"Let's not forget that there are so many amazing adoptive dads and stepfathers out there," she said. "You don't have to be a biological father to be a great dad."